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 Do a Snake Paint Job on Your AEG Easily!

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PostSubject: Do a Snake Paint Job on Your AEG Easily!   Tue Jan 04, 2011 1:25 pm

A mesh bag around the flat-black AEG, spray a few more colors, you can get a snake texture.

Even a cheap-O Well90 becomes a work of art.

Khaki, walnut, and a bit more flat black are the only colors used. I use 3 earth tones for best effect, but you can get WILD with color:

Look at the speaker-grilles in my truck. This is just black over red, and took about five minutes to do up. This is a very good "First painting project", by a long shot, as the paint application and prep are minimal, and you have the instant-gratification angle going for it, as the light coat of paint used dries almost immediately. I've done cellphones, TV sets, and even blenders this way! NOTE: Flat black over gloss black is intense.

Gigantic-image-laden-Tutorial HERE:
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Do a Snake Paint Job on Your AEG Easily!
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