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 Toy copters you should avoid.

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PostSubject: Toy copters you should avoid.   Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:02 pm

Hi killbucket this is ____ i just ordered my syma S031 2 days ago from ____. I should get it next week. I seen some of your blogs. Did I make the wrong decision?
What advice do you have for a newbie? I have a S107G and I love it. After I ordered the S031, I found out that it has a fair bit of problems any advice will be appreciated thanks for your time ____.

Well, you came to the right place. I do not sell copters, and I have owned more three channel models than any other human who also does not sell them.[URL=""] I really like three-channel![/URL]

The best way to enjoy the s031 is as a static model, sorry to say.

The top rotor head is very fragile, a simple tip-over is enough to break it. See my PRE-fix here: [URL=""][/URL]
I actually purchased SIX extra heads before I gave up on these.

Also: the motors die FAST, and damage the PCB in the process: new motors don't help.
The newest replacement for THIS model, S033G, is also suspect. IF you can find an 11.1 volt model, they are said to be OK, but I still would not have one, due to the motor issue.

Similar story, the [URL=""]S032[/URL],

and the BEAUTIFUL [URL=""]S006G[/URL]:
Both keel over while still shiny-new.

I gave up more than once. In the garbage, back out of the garbage, (I must have overlooked something, right?)

No, Syma has just made some crummy product that does not last.
They just wouldn't stay in the recycle bin, they are so pretty, none over two months old.

[URL=""]Hires pics of the firey mayhem are here.
Bottom line, the S031-sized copters are too big to have only three channels. Think for a moment about how many wall-smacks and couch-dives your s107 has taken, and survived. It's due to the low mass parts. The larger birds destroy themselves when those same light impacts occur.

The ONLY larger copter in 3-channel I can recommend is not easy to find: it's the [URL=""]Interceptor 052[/URL].
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Toy copters you should avoid.
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