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 Home Made MG08/15 German Rifle

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Home Made MG08/15 German Rifle Empty
PostSubject: Home Made MG08/15 German Rifle   Home Made MG08/15 German Rifle EmptyMon Jul 30, 2012 12:29 pm

Home Made MG08/15 German Rifle Mg08_15-mach_0353
Dial-up warning: this page linked below will image-slam you. TONS of huge hires pics of this project, from concept to finished, one of a kind airsoft custom built skirmish weapon. This is an early German MG08/15 rifle with a bipod and motorized drum magazine.
Home Made MG08/15 German Rifle Mg08_15-mach_0185
Built entirely from looking at online pics of antique German machineguns and museum examples, the parts were all drawn in TurboCAD and made one by one on a ShopBot CNC.
Home Made MG08/15 German Rifle Mg08_15-mach_0391
I made this custom airsoft gun over the winter 2011-12 for Keeper of NEPA Airsoft in PA.
Home Made MG08/15 German Rifle Mg08_15-mach_0441
Only one was built, and will be built. This is not going to be duplicated, and has already been sold.
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Home Made MG08/15 German Rifle
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